What I Love About My Bullet Journal


If you read my blog at all, you’ve undoubtedly read about my bullet journal. You might already be a bullet journal nut or you are considering trying this method. Or you might wonder what I’m going on about. I first heard of bullet journaling from Anne Bogel of Modern Mrs Darcy. She wrote about it here and here. She talked about how you could get any notebook you wanted and put your life in it, basically. Make it fit who you are and not the other way around. How realistic and simple and genius it was. So I went to www.bulletjournal.com and watched the video and read everything that was on the site. I kept hearing bloggers talk about theirs, so last year, I decided to dive into Bullet Journal Land. I ordered the classic bullet journal notebook: Leuchtturm1917 Medium Size Hardcover A5 Notebook – Dotted Pages – Black, although you can use any notebook you like. (It’s ok to be a messy writer and someone who has to cross out things like I do. So what? That’s reality. And here’s my messy reality with some pages I added: Wines I  Like, Books To Be Read, and Books I’m Reading Now)

My all-time favorite blog post out there is from the Lazy Genius Collective. Kendra wrote an extensive blog post chronicling her bullet journal experiences and how she adapted it to meet her needs. I’ve recommended this post over and over again.

I just wish all my friends would give this a try. Especially if you like writing, reading, journaling, documenting your life, and analog anything. Not that you have to like or do any of those things to enjoy a bullet journal. But I would love to know some people that live nearby who use one. When I worked at a coffee shop in Trumansburg, a fellow barista said she was considering trying this method. I’m not sure if she delved into it or not.

When Alan and visited Hunt Country Vineyards for a tasting back on Mother’s Day, the girl who served us overheard me say I was going to write down the wines I liked in my bullet journal. She surprised me by declaring herself to be a bullet journaler! I wanted to hug her, but restrained myself. One of my own kin! We talked for a few minutes about this marvelous tool.

OK, enough said. If you’re interested, click on some of the links in this post and find out more. Or ask me about it. You know I’m going to tell you to just do it! It’s the perfect time to find out more and then you can jump in on January 1st.

Here is my Leuchtturm 1917 dotted notebook and my Reverse Notebook from Rhodia that I use for poetry. It could also be a bullet journal, though.


Day 13: Behind the Scenes


It’s nearly noon and I’m still in my pajamas. The gym is calling me and I hope I’ll be able to go, or at least do some yoga and Pilates here at home. This morning has been full of preparation and planning. I feel like I’ve been unproductive because I have so much on my To-Do List, but all I’ve done has been necessary.

At breakfast, I sat at the kitchen table and caught up in my Bullet Journal. Honestly, after using it the past year and a half, I feel quite lost when a few days have gone by without me opening it up. It’s a great way for me to connect with all the pieces of my life, to review what I’ve set out to accomplish, my ideas, little incidentals from my days and where I’ve wandered and what I’ve forgotten. I felt very centered when I went through the past few weeks, made a list of upcoming tasks I need to complete and crossed off what I have completed already. That boosted my outlook. If you’d like to learn more about Bullet Journaling, here is a link to The Lazy Genius Collective’s in-depth blog post about it.

I went on to my Morning Pages and let my thoughts scrawl through my three pages.

An then it was time to do social media posts for Alan and me because we have a gig tonight at Ithaca Bakery between 6-8pm. Plus, I updated The Inner Crazy website with some of our upcoming shows and I printed out the song list for tonight.

Does all of this make a difference? I believe so. If I don’t stay current, I’ll lose what ground we’ve gained. I have a goal of two gigs a week eventually. To get there will take many hours of posting, updating, photos, songwriting, recording, and doing it over and over again. I willingly accept the challenge and will work toward my goal.


What behind the scenes preparation have you worked at this week?