Evening Poetry, April 5

In honor of National Poetry Month, and Mary Oliver, our beloved national poet who passed away in January, I will be posting one of her poems each evening in April. I am hoping to follow in the footsteps of Sarah Clarkson and read a poem on Instagram Live in the evenings as well…Follow me on Instagram to tune in.

Broken, Unbroken

The lonely

stand in the dark corners

of their hearts.

I have seen them

in cities,

and in my own neighborhood,

nor could I touch them

with the magic

that they crave

to be unbroken.

Then, I myself,


said hello to

good fortune.


came along

and lingered

and little by little

became everything

that makes the difference.

Oh, I wish such good luck

to everyone.

How beautiful if is

to be unbroken.

This poem can be found in the collection Evidence.

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