Evening Poetry, April 1

In honor of National Poetry Month, and Mary Oliver, our beloved national poet who passed away in January, I will be posting one of her poems each evening in April. I am hoping to follow in the footsteps of Sarah Clarkson and read a poem on Instagram Live in the evenings as well…Follow me on Instagram to tune in.

Don’t Worry

Things take the time they take. Don’t worry.

How many roads did St. Augustine follow before he became St. Augustine?

This poem is from the collection, Felicity.

Three Feel-Good Films For Monday Nights

This is my current Monday schedule: get up at 7, make my daughter breakfast, make coffee, make a smoothie, leave the house by 7:40, drop her at school by 7:55, and arrive at my Monday morning cleaning job by 8. After I’m done cleaning, I head home, make lunch, do yoga, shower, work in my office, and pick up my daughter at school by 2:55, head back home, work some more, make and eat dinner, clean up, work until 9:00/10, and then enjoy reading or a video before bed.

It’s not a bad day, it’s just full. And I like work, but the constant forward motion of Monday is what makes me long for, say, a Thursday, when I often have a little more breathing room.

One of the ways I make Monday better for myself is having things to look forward to throughout the day. In the routine above, I can point out three different times I look forward to: doing yoga, eating dinner/having a glass of wine, and reading or watching a video in the evening.

For you, it might be taking a walk at lunch time, enjoying a cup of tea in the afternoon, playing a game or going to a park with your family after dinner, or taking dance lessons with your spouse. If you don’t yet have built-in bursts of happiness in your Monday, then start thinking about what little things you can add into your day to liven it up.

If you have children or if you prefer surprises, you might come up with a “Fun Jar”, which is what I did with my kids when they were small. We came up with activities that were free or very inexpensive, wrote them on slips of paper, and put them in a mason jar. We came up with things like “eat dinner on a blanket on the floor, picnic style, and watch an old TV show”, “go to the playground at the park”, “go out for ice cream”, “game night”, “go to the Sciencenter” etc. If we were getting cabin fever in the winter, or if someone needed cheering up. we would pull a slip of paper out of the jar and do something fun.

In the spirit of feel-good activities, I wanted to recommend three older films that I recently watched for the first time. (I know, I know, but I’m a reader first, so I’m forever behind the times.) Each one feels like cozy pajamas at the end of a long day. You may have seen them already, but they are films to reach for when you want a little comfort. Especially on a Monday night!

The Jane Austen Book Club is lighthearted and funny, but there is depth as well. It deals with real relationship drama, just as Jane Austen’s books do. I instantly wanted to be part of this book club!

How To Make an American Quilt caught me off-guard with the richness of each woman’s story, the heartache or loss that each one experienced, their strength, both as individuals and as a group, their love for each other, and the joy that they each allowed to rule their lives.

Music and Lyrics is just fun. You’ll smile at Drew Barrymore’s quirky, sweet character and laugh at Hugh Grant’s funny quips and mannerisms. You have to see this one!

I would love to hear how you bring fun and positivity into your Mondays!