Giving Thanks for Monday


Mondays are the days of fresh workloads, new lists and new challenges. I have to shop for groceries for the week, pick up Christmas decorations that I cannot make myself, and most likely pick up my daughter after school and bring her home with me to spend the night. And I need to practice Christmas music for our concert Saturday, plus do some sewing for a Christmas order.

Does having a lot on your list make you antsy if you’re sitting or resting for a while? It’s super hard for me to relax when I have so much to do. But at the same time, that sense of too much to do weighs me down and makes me feel panicky. What to do?

This article was helpful. The best common sense idea was you can only do one thing at a time, so focus on that one and do the best you can. The other was to pick a high impact item off your list rather than accomplishing many small unimportant tasks. And on medium, this article reminded me of what I know is true: Find some quiet time each day just for you. Also, say no to everything that is extraneous.

So no matter how antsy I feel taking a break, I need to. Step away and breath, pick up an instrument, talk with my kids, take a walk, watch something funny, read for an hour. The rest does renew my willpower to keep working. And while I am working, I won’t think of other things I have to do, but will stay present and be here with the people I’m with, working with focus and living the moments I’ve been given on this Monday.

Are you feeling the challenge of this Monday, of this week? Let’s all encourage one another to do good work, enjoy our actual lives and be thankful this new day.


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