A Finger Lakes Fall


I’m one of those oddballs that doesn’t mind gray weather. I enjoy the rain, fog, and clouds because the landscape is cocooned in mystery and is being nourished from the heavens. Cold weather is alright with me as well. It could be precipitating or all bright golden sun and clear blue sky, but if it is chilly enough to require a hat, coat and gloves, I breathe easy and my soul smiles.

Here in between Cayuga and Seneca Lakes, the temperature fluctuates this time of year. We had a nearly 70 degree day last week–warm, humid, sunny and summery. Then on Saturday night, the wind started howling, it turned colder and we had rain and fog through Tuesday.


By Wednesday morning around 7, while waiting for the bus, one of Alan’s boys told me it was only twenty degrees and the mid-day temperature wouldn’t reach more than the lower 40s. It did feel rather chilly. In this drafty, old and large house we keep the space heaters on and the central heating low, especially at night. I pulled a knitted hat on and wore an extra sweater as I boiled water for my coffee¬†and made my daughter a sandwich for her lunch. Because the clocks just went back, we weren’t completely in the dark; the sun was coming up to say hello as we prepared for our day. When my daughter went out to the car ahead of me, I heard a familiar sound: the scraper against the car windows. That’s right! The ground was coated with frost as was my vehicle.


But it’s November, so it’s time for darkness, rain, chill and bluster. It’s time to crunch through the leaves on a dry day and make a pot of soup and curl up by a heat source with a good book when it’s raining. Or even snowing! This is what November in the Finger Lakes is like. We very well could and probably will have a few more mild days. But today I’ll revel in the cool brilliance that the season brings us and not wish myself anywhere but here. I love where I live.



What are your thoughts on the rain, cold, darkness and occasional sunniness of November in the Finger Lake? Or what is it like this time of year where you live?