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Here is where I share links to sites and articles I’ve read this week that have encouraged or inspired me. They may be new or just new-to-me, but I’ve followed curiosity’s path and here’s where it led me.

From is an article about INFJ children. If you have one or were one, you will likely nod your head and possibly learn from it.

Here’s an article about people that don’t just choose to do one thing, but are interested or talented in several areas.

I’ve been re-examining my eco-friendly habits or the lack thereof and am revisiting the no-paper towel/napkin/ziploc idea. Or at least cutting back on those expensive one-use, throw-away items. Here are a few links to move me in the right direction: About kicking the paper towel habit. Here’s one for replacing paper products in the kitchen. Here’s another for making your own reusable food wrap. I’ve done this before and it’s super easy. I’m going to make a bunch more in the next couple of weeks. If you want a real kick in your green pants, check out Bea Johnson’s website. And one more is this how to on Furoshiki, which is Japanese fabric wrapping. I want to wrap gifts this way!!!

And last of all, gluten free, dairy free recipes for Thanksgiving. My daughter and I don’t eat meat, but the rest of the household does, so I ignore those recipes, but there are a lot of good ones. This one by Williams-Sonoma has a fennel soup I have to make. Here are a bunch from Jeanettes’ Healthy Living and from Gluten Free and More. One more from Go Dairy Free.

Happy Weekend and Happy Thanksgiving to you!IMG_1606

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