What Is Saving My Life Right Now


Here is a list of things that are saving my life right now. Anne Bogel from Modern Mrs Darcy shares how she took this idea from author Barbara Brown Taylor in this post. It’s a great idea and I will share it periodically here.

Natural Vitality Natural Calm Plus Calcium Magnesium Anti Stress, Original I’ve mentioned this product before. Put it in water and drink for nearly instant stress relief. If  I am getting anxious for whatever reason, I drink some of this and it helps.

Young Living Thieves Essential Oil Blend in my diffuserAlthough I do not sell YL oils as of right now, I love all the products I’ve tried and Thieves is no exception. My diffuser is on and sending Thieves love my way right now.

Traditional Medicinals Tea Throat Coat Tea has been a faithful friend for years. The past week, I’ve had a sore throat and this tea is a constant companion. It’s made of slippery elm bark which really does coat your throat and calm the irritation.

My space heater. Although the furnace is working now that we had it repaired, last week when the weather became wintery, there were several very chilly days indoors. I’m a wimp, so I’m glad I had a working space heater that Alan gallantly carried down to the library in the morning and up to the bedroom at night.

My new computer speakers. My son Judah told me about this super cheap and great sounding speaker set. I couldn’t believe my ears when I first played music through it. Highly recommended!

What is saving your life right now?



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