An Appointment with Creativity



Do you fantasize about creativity in your weekly schedule? Time to do what you dream of doing while you’re doing all the everyday things you’d rather delegate to someone else?

A friend recently commented that it would be so nice to have time to spend writing and I recognized the wistfulness of her words. When you’re busy with unsatisfying-but-necessary work, errands, chores and responsibilities you might fantasize about being able to do anything creative that would get you out of your busy, boring rut.

You want a change of pace, a breath of fresh air on the horizon of your days and nights that seem to repeat with no variation, no inspiration. And your hobbies–that instrument you’ve always wanted to learn to play, that novel you’ve thought about writing, etc.,–the “other” you remains dormant while the grown-up in you carries on the business of living.


But who will give you the permission to try something new, take up that interest that’s been nagging at you, if you don’t? It’s terrifying, I hear you, to take those first steps away from the familiar and find yourself happily lost in a new direction. But I encourage you to go in that direction. Start by carving out short chunks of time in your schedule to make your real life look like your dream life. Give yourself permission. Pick yourself, as Seth Godin always tells us.

A painting afternoon with girlfriends, a candle making evening, a photography lesson, a free writing workshop at the public library, an introductory yoga  or dance class, or joining a birdwatching club or writers’ group.


Make that appointment with creativity. You’ll be so glad you did!

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