Resting from the Rat Race




If you’ve ever tried to rest while at home, for a staycation or just a day off, you know how difficult it is not to get caught up in work of some kind. If the house is cluttered, or dishes or clothes need to be washed, or I think about when was the last time I mopped, it is hard to relax. You actually have to develop a practice of resting. It sounds crazy, but it takes work to rest well. Which is probably why in religious circles where Sabbath is observed, the day before is a time to clean and cook and prepare for the time off. Then when the day comes, it feels so good to spend the time doing nothing or doing what you enjoy.

Some of my favorite things to do:

  • Reading
  • Hiking 
  • Listening to an audiobook (Yes, I know, it’s reading too)
  • practice painting with watercolor or acrylics
  • playing piano
  • writing a song
  • writing anything
  • napping
  • watching a movie       

Do you have a regular rest day? Do you struggle practicing this or do you have a habit of resting? What does a rest day look like to you?

This Yoda chilled in front of the Mutron Warriors while they performed at Wagner last weekend.




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