Reading Slow

I’ve been reading at the speed of tortoise this spring, one page at a time. It’s this crazy time of year with two teenagers and all their school events. Can I get a witness? If I have five minutes, a book, paper or Kindle version, is at the ready and I gulp down whatever words I am able to.

I’m determined to finish  The Truth According to Us before this week is over. I look forward to a happy review. Let me just say that if you like To Kill a Mockingbird and/or Go Set a Watchman (don’t hate!) you will enjoy this story set in the blazing hot Depression-era South. The Romeyn family wrapped me around their collective pinkies and won me over.

The non-fiction book I’m edging close to the finish line with is Todd Henry’s Louder Than Words. I’m a regular listener of his podcast The Accidental Creative, which I recommend wholeheartedly. He inspires and encourages and helps me see things from different perspectives. I will be wiser for having finished this book.

A big YES to poetry! I am reading David Whyte’s Everything Is Waiting for You. Poetry is important for people even in 2017. Here are some articles to sway you if you’re a doubter. David Whyte speaks to my soul. He makes me uncomfortable with his words. Tears start and smiles come unbidden as I read. Feelings I’ve never spoken aloud are articulated and I know I’m understood. Read poetry! Read his poetry and tell me you’re sorry. I dare you.

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