Habitual Favorites


It’s the last day of January and the snow and cold testify of winter’s presence. As I’ve mentioned before, I enjoy the relative sleepiness of the Finger Lakes in winter. Everyone slows down and stays at home more. I certainly do. This is when I read a lot, reflect on my life, make plans, practice piano, write, watch movies, and generally feed my soul.

In the hope of encouraging others to enjoy life, I want to share a few habits that help me every day.

  • Good coffee made in a Chemex
  • multivitamins/ supplements in a weekly pill box
  • Smoothie for breakfast
  • Exercise
  • Bullet journaling
  • Eat greens, especially kale
  • Read (an article, a poem, a chapter or several)
  • Listen to music, especially new music
  • Sleep enough
  • Enjoy light from sun, moon and candle

What habits keep you going this time of year?





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