Keep Celebrating (Wellness Wednesday)

Happy first Wellness Wednesday of the year! According to the Liturgical Calendar, Christmas doesn’t end until January 5th, so those of us observing it have a few more days of celebration. But if you’re feeling the way I am, just seeing those iced sugar cookies, candy canes, and pies still hanging around make your big green salad and a fruit-filled protein smoothie look better than ever.

Being gluten free and dairy free meant I didn’t eat cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning or cookies and desserts on Christmas evening and all the days that have followed. I have indulged in one or two Sjaak’s vegan candies each day though, enjoyed shrimp cocktail on New Year’s Eve, and I’ve had a glass or two more wine than I would normally. But I’m not going to beat myself up about it! That’s what celebrating includes–enjoying some treats that aren’t part of your everyday diet.

My digestive system isn’t happy however. I’ve had an upset stomach after dinner the past two nights, so I am back on the straight and narrow: salads, smoothies, almonds, eggs, fish, plenty of cooked veggies, all my supplements–yeah, you get the picture. Tonight I am going to sip fennel tea and rub an aromatherapy blend on my tummy.

There is nothing wrong with celebrating, but if you tend to have a sensitive digestive system, you might feel not quite yourself after a few weeks of your favorite things. And instead of looking at healthy eating as a chore or a restriction, think about how good you feel when you eat optimally for you. I know how frustrating it can be to have a family member with a stomach of iron and a metabolism of a gazelle, but you do you, right?

I want to encourage you to continue in a celebratory frame of mind, by doing what makes you feel your best today. Here are a few ideas:

1.Make yourself simple and delicious meals.

2.Take a run or head to the gym.

3.Blend a smoothie to quell the late afternoon hunger pangs rather than reaching for the chips.

4.Get up from your desk and do some yoga or stretch.

4.If your tree is still up, sit down instead of racing around and enjoy the lights.

5.Spend a few minutes meditating or in prayer.

5.Text someone and tell them you love them.

6.Set up a lunch date with a friend.

7. Write in your journal.

8. Read that book you’ve been wanting to finish.

9. Take a walk and observe your surroundings.

10.And make sure you smile!

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