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Happy Saturday! This is the day when I share my sources of inspiration from the week.

In This is post 7,000, Seth Godin shared about blogging consistently, no matter what, day in and day out for decades! What can I say? This man kicks me in the pants nearly every day, pulls me out of my tailspin and generally helps me get my head back in the game with every single post. Because he has chosen to be faithful to write and I wake up to his words in my inbox each morning. He is a bit like an angel in the Bible, arriving with the greeting, “Fear not!” Don’t we need those words, people? No matter what we do for a living, we need to hear them. And if we are using our creativity to make a living, we can feel like we are drowning in fear. Then Seth comes along with his words and puts courage back into my quailing heart and mad mind. Oh, yeah, I can do this and I will.

On Being had this post about busyness being a thief of intimacy. It’ll stop you in your busy tracks, make you turn off your phone or close your laptop and look into the eyes of your loved one and really see them.

I felt validated about my own need to keep my surroundings neat and organized when I read this post.

Sarah Bakes Gluten Free has a gluten free vegan mocha cream pie that I am definitely making for dessert this Thanksgiving. Yum!!!

And, for the men in your life, Anne Bogel over at Modern Mrs Darcy has some great gift ideas.

Speaking of men, Michelle Obama says you need friends. We all do, of course. And it gets harder to make and keep good friends as we get older, but we need to invest in friendships. Don’t give up! You need others and they need you!

My friend Laurie and I.

Have a great Saturday, everyone!

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