People We Meet On Vacation, A Book Review

Hi readers, today I have a book to share that’s a bright and relaxing read. I am trying to add more of these in my life, as I often choose stacks non-fiction, mysteries or weightier fiction.

Just the right mix of romance, travel, and lighthearted fun made reading People We Meet On Vacation by Emily Henry a delight. Although I normally find books that tell a story by going back and forth between time periods a bit tedious, this one worked for me.

Told from Poppy’s perspective, we follow her and her best friend, Alex, as she weaves the present day and the past ten years of their vacation experiences together. No matter what they have going on in their lives, where they are, or who they’re currently in a relationship with, they meet up each year for a week-long trip somewhere together.

These two are so different which is what makes them so wrong for each other romantically. Or so they think. They remain just friends while attempting to dance around the fact of their attraction for one another. Will they remain best friends? Will they become lovers? Or will this ruin their relationship for good?

Highly recommended summer reading!

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