The Night Hawks ( A Book Review)

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Have you read any of Elly Griffiths’ Ruth Galloway mysteries? They’re set in modern-day Norfolk, England, where Ruth is an archeologist who is often called out to help with DCI Nelson’s investigations.

In The Night Hawks, local metal detector enthusiasts find a body while they’re looking for treasure. It turns out to be a young man who lived nearby. And surprise–it’s murder! Bodies pile up as Nelson’s investigating progresses. Much seems to revolve around Black Dog Farm, a lonely, dark place with a horrific past. As Nelson gets closer to uncovering who the murderer is, he puts more people than himself in danger.

What I appreciated about this book in the series was the characters of police inspector Judy and her partner, Cathbad, who are also friends and neighbors of Ruth. They add interest and depth to the story, in the way that Louise Penny’s characters do. The ongoing conflicting elements of Ruth and Nelson’s relationship adds tension and I wonder how long they’ll let the current situation continue.

If you’re a British mystery fan, I recommend The Night Hawks as well all of the rest of the series.

I was given a free egalley of The Night Hawks in exchange for an honest review.

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