Saying Goodbye to Etsy

I don’t mention my business very often on this blog, because books and reading are so much fun to write about. But because some of you have shown interest in aromatherapy, herbalism, Ayurveda, etc., I wanted to share this update.

Today I closed my Etsy shop. Although it was a good place to learn about online marketing, I’ve known for a while that I would eventually leave. The algorithm is always being changed. The fees keep going up. And the policies grow ever more restrictive.

But, I kept hanging on for the sake of my faithful customers, with hopes that perhaps things would improve. But yesterday I received an email about an update to their “Prohibited Items Policy” that would impact most of my listings. I was informed that as of March 2nd, I would no longer be able to say that my products could sanitize or disinfect, had any antibacterial, antiviral, or antimicrobial properties or could in any way prevent or protect from flu, virus, bacteria, etc.

As an aromatherapist and herbalist, I know that many essential oils and herbs do have antibacterial and antiviral qualities. They can clean the air or surfaces. They can build immune strength and are effective allies that help the body to defend itself against colds and flus. This is not just my opinion, but a growing number of scientific studies continue to show that plant medicine can be very effective.

I realize Etsy is trying to protect themselves from legal action, and that’s their choice. My choice is to stay true to myself and the products that I make. So I closed my Etsy shop and will now focus solely on my Delicata House shop, which is what I want to do anyway.

So that’s my story on this snowy winter evening. I hope you are staying warm and well, wherever you are!

Here’s a photo of my sleeping garden.