What Is Saving My Life Right Now (Think Wellness)


Taken from a Barbara Brown Taylor quote, “what is saving my life right now” is a list of things I am currently using to make my life easier. Emily P Freeman and Anne Bogel are two beloved bloggers who keep the tradition alive and I’m following their lead.

T-Relief Pain Relief Cream is a homeopathic staple in my medicine cabinet. It contains Arnica and 12 other natural pain relievers. My friend Penny introduced this I-Can’t-Believe-It’s-True cream to me a couple of years ago when I injured myself working out and had a very painful and stiff neck and left shoulder. I rubbed it into the sore areas and in less than a minute, the pain was greatly reduced. I became a believer! When a tube of T-Relief and a tube of Arnica gel were delivered from Amazon last week, I joked with Alan that you know we’re either over 40 or athletes to be getting a package like this. This cream is good for knees, necks, elbows, backs…you get the picture.

Arnica Gel. Like the T-Relief lotion above, this is an Arnica-based product. Being a gel, it absorbs instantly, which is great if you’re in a hurry to get out the door and don’t want your shirt sticking to your back. Also, as it’s a gel, it is provides a cooling sensation upon application, which might be unwelcome if you’re already feeling chilly. Hence, the inclusion of T-Relief above, which takes a little longer to absorb into your skin, but won’t be cold.

My beaded diffuser bracelet. I made mine and wear it every day, especially when going out or dealing with a potentially stressful situation. What essential oils or blends I apply to the lava beads depends on my mood, health, and what I’m heading into. Some of my favorites are: Lavender for calming, Panaway or M-Grain blends for headache days, Thieves blend if I’m worried about germs, and Patchouli just because I like it. If you’re interested in a bracelet for yourself or for a gift, head to my Etsy shop, Delicata House, and take a look at what I currently have available.

My Breville Juice Fountain Plus Juice Extractor. Yes, I am still juicing every day. Carrots are the foundation, and then it’s often apples, celery, parsley, orange and yam. I add fennel sometimes and watermelon snuck in last week. If I juice, my eyes are healthy; if I miss a day, they’re not great, although they haven’t had a bad episode since before I started. This is victory and I’m not going to stop. Anyway, this juicer is easy to put together each day and easy to clean. The price is very moderate as juicers go and I would buy another in a heartbeat if this one broke down.

These Enzymedica Digest Basic Enzyme Capsules. Ok, I basically cannot digest anything without them. It’s been this way for about three years now. Without two of these every time I eat, I experience bloating, cramping, gas, nausea, etc. It could be IBS, Crohn’s disease, or neither. I haven’t been diagnosed with anything at this point, mostly because I don’t trust a medical doctor to find out what the cause is and treat the cause rather than the symptoms. And, at this point, going to a doctor practicing alternative medicine is out of the financial picture. So this is how I cope right now, and they work very well.

So here’s my short list and I’d love to read your comments about what is saving your life right now.

** I am a member of Young Living, which means I both purchase YL essential oils for my personal and business use and I sell them directly as well. If you’re interested in becoming a member or purchasing any of the essential oils mentioned and linked to above, here is a link that includes my Sponsor/Enroller ID/Member Number. Thank you! xo

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