March In


It’s a quiet March evening. I’m at my desk, dinner is over, the diffuser is misting Thieves essential oil blend into the air,  and I’m reflecting over the past two months.

The snow lays in piles and drifts, nestling into the landscape with its silence and late winter love. I’m glad for it, really. As I was feverishly songwriting late January through late February, it seemed as if I’d missed winter altogether this year. So when the snow fell last Thursday night and most of Friday, I thoroughly enjoyed my snow day at home and the feelings of coziness and warmth that go along with it.

As far as songwriting goes, Alan and I managed to write and learn twenty-six songs in about five weeks. There were plenty of tense moments, let me tell you, and tears (me), as I often felt it was all just too much. But we didn’t give up and we did it. Last summer we had two songs written together and now we have twenty-eight.


We had our all-originals show at Hector Wine Company on Friday February 23rd, with a full house and positive feedback. The next night, we went over to King Ferry, to Treleaven Wines, where we performed three hours of covers and originals and that also went very well.


This past week, Alan wrote the music to four more songs that I will write lyrics to. We need to get another 15-20 songs written by June so that we can perform a solid three hours of originals. That’s much more doable and realistic, though, and I’m not freaking out about it.


So that’s what I’ve been doing for January and February and why I couldn’t write here as often as I wanted to. I missed writing here, though, and look forward to sharing plenty of content from here on out.

The main subjects on this blog are what interest me most:

  • reading life/books
  • food/recipes
  • local places/experiences
  • music/songwriting life
  • creative living/crafting

Do you have a favorite subject you’d like to see more of? I’ve definitely noticed positive feedback and increased interest in recipes, so I’ll share more food-related posts. Let me know what your favorites are!



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